Hi there!

First, I want to say thank you for being here and reading my work. I truly appreciate you!

One of my current focuses is expanding and connecting the community here at The Abundant Host, and some of the ways I’m doing that are:

  • You can now comment on all blog posts! This was disabled before (re: spam), but now with a Disqus account, anyone can comment, share and connect.
  • I’m entertaining the idea of building a masterclass forum for Airbnb hosts who really want to uplevel their game—what do you think of this? Let me know!
  • I’m going to be hosting and participating in some meetups so we can all get together and connect in-person.

The very first one I’ll be participating in is this meetup in SoHo, Manhattan! It starts at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow, Sept. 24. I had a bit of trouble getting the exact address, but if you have the same trouble, shoot me a tweet or comment below this post and I’ll let you know!

This is an official Airbnb meetup, and Airbnb has invited me to speak at it! You’ll hear a little more about me on-stage, and then I’ll be there the whole time to mix and mingle.

Note: The Abundant Host in no way represents or is affiliated with Airbnb. This is important because I’m dedicated to providing you with unbiased, high-quality articles, tips and stories for life!

Will I see you there? Let me know below in the comments, or on Twitter / Facebook!

Thanks for reading! Have a question that wasn't answered here? If you'd like more specific help, I'd love to work one-on-one with you. Or, if you want to work collaboratively in a group with fellow motivated hosts, find out if the next Abundant Hosting Mastermind group is open. I also wrote a book, Cleaning Up, where I give you the nuts and bolts (and so much more) of finding your perfect turnover assistant, thereby upleveling your profit and success on Airbnb. Have a beautiful day!

Breaking News! Meet The Abundant Host In-Person Tomorrow (Sept. 24) in NYC