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Do you accept guest posts?

On a very rare basis, and they must be fabulously written and not filled with any overtly obvious promotional or marketing content.

Will you write about my product/service/paid thing?

Please see my Sponsorship & Advertising page for information on sponsored posts. Please note that sponsored posts will be marked as such to maintain trust and integrity with my audience.

Can I interview you for my site/podcast?

Sure thing! I’m a one­-woman show, so my days are full but if we are aligned in mission/purpose, I’d love to. Use the form above to get in touch and tell me all about it.

Can you give me specific, extensive advice on my personal Airbnb quandary?

I do consulting and would be happy to work with you for however long you need to get your questions answered. Please see my Consulting page for current rates/packages, then contact me here.

I don’t like contact forms! Can I have your direct email address?

Sure, if you can translate this: theabundanthost at the mail of Google. If you don’t know what that means, use the contact form above.