Airbnb Cleanings: Should You Hire a Service or an Individual? Here’s My Recommendation

There are plenty of paid Airbnb cleaner and turnover services now that serve the host community, some nationally based and some local. Airbnb has even integrated Handy into their platform in some areas, like New York City. And they often do more than cleaning—they can take care of everything from washing the sheets to handing over the keys.

My general opinion, however, is that paid services are too impersonal for this particular kind of work.

Here’s why.

Presenting… My New eBook, “Cleaning Up”!

We’re now three days out from the public launch of my new book, Cleaning Up: How to Work With a Turnover Assistant to Uplevel Your Profit, Freedom and Success Hosting on Airbnb. The intro pre-order tier has now ended; those of you who ordered early and got the discount will receive the book early, today!

Today, I’m so excited to reveal the full title to you and the cover design.

It was designed by Tony Bacigalupo, who is a whiz at Photoshop and funneled my exacting demands into poetry in pixels. :)

The Abundant Host Goes to Paris! Clink Glasses With Me at the Airbnb Open

One of my core focuses right now is to bring you more community through The Abundant Host. I want us to be able to brainstorm together, to learn from and help each other—so I’m taking actions in Fall 2015 with this in mind.

And on this front, today I have some exciting news for you…

I’ve been invited to the Airbnb Open 2015 in Paris (Nov. 11-14)! I’ll be there, milling about, taking notes for you from all the best workshops and enjoying myself thoroughly. :)

In addition to being at the conference, I’m hosting a special event just for The Abundant Host community.