Guest Perspective: Stocking Useless Kitchenware and Lame Art at Your Airbnb? Yes, Your Guests Notice

Fellow hosts, I hate to be the one to tell you:

If you think you leave your dullest knives, cheapest pots and most uncomfortable couches at your Airbnb (while you reside somewhere else with all the upgrades) and we won’t notice—you’re wrong. We will.

This kind of place is slightly different from the place that is sparse and one-dimensional. Instead of giving the feeling of sterility, it gives you a feeling of… confusion, and mild-to-major frustration.

Guest Perspective: Please, Put Some Soul Into Your Airbnb Listing

I’m staying in a well-designed, inexpensive, clean, modern Airbnb in Florida. So, why should I have any reason to not give it 5 stars? I have five huge reasons that all add up to: it lacks soul. What is the difference between a place that has soul and a place that does not? How can you touch it? You can’t. It has to be felt. The best way I can describe it: A place that has soul exhibits a divine series of touches, accents and actions that bring about the feeling that you are having a human connection, although you’re not physically having one. Here are five things that, totaled, equal a void for me.