Psst: Have you picked up my book on this important subject yet, Cleaning Up? It’s super affordable and, if I do say so myself, invaluable when it comes to enhancing your income and freedom! Okay, onward to this post, which is partially an excerpt from the book:

If you’ve been doing Airbnb for some time or have more than one rental, you likely have figured out that hiring a turnover assistant (cleaner who also knows your space intimately and can stage it for you with the knowledge you’ve provided) is essential to freeing you up to make more money doing what you love (which is probably not just hosting Airbnb guests).

However, like in any relationship, it’s easy for things to go wrong if you’re not making clear agreements.

Whatever agreements you make while hiring your assistant, make sure they are specific and documented. If you feel the urge, have both of you sign them as well.

Here are some 5-star agreements you can make with your assistant.

On your assistant’s end:

    • I will respond to your messages for turnover requests within 12 hours.
    • I will follow the full checklist every time.
    • If there are any problems, delays or unexpected occurrences, I will communicate with you immediately.

On your (the host’s) end:

    • I will communicate with you openly about my desires and requests.
    • I will provide you with all necessary brooms, mops and vacuums.
    • I will respect your need for space and not text you between the hours of 11 p.m. – 7 a.m. even if I get a request.

And, here’s a good one for both of your ends:

“I will treat our relationship with respect, transparency and care, and make space to hear your feedback and requests.”

If this kinds of agreement feels uncomfortable to you—it means this is a great place to start!

Having an authentic relationship with anyone requires you to be vulnerable and honest.

Here are some finer details you might want to add into your agreement:

  • Make sure the two of you have agreed on whatever products and supplies they will provide vs. what they’ll use of yours. They might prefer to use their own or yours—in my experience, it’s customary to provide the cleaning solutions (all natural/organic, please!), mops and brooms so that your assistant can come over without lugging the extra materials. As a host, you should provide this option.
  • Agree on the addition (or not) of additional tasks, such as replacing things for guests (light bulbs) if something’s been forgotten or a light goes out; getting your mail while you’re gone, checking on your locked-up bicycles, checking on your car, etc.

From my experience working one-on-one with Airbnb hosts and helping them get their own dream assistants, I know this is a ripe topic. Have anymore questions about this? Ask away in the comments!

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Why It’s Critical to Make Clear Agreements With Your Turnover Assistant (Here Are The Exact Phrases I Use)
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