The One-Million Dollar Guarantee Is NOT What You Think—Here’s How to Protect Your Airbnb

Like a lot of Airbnb hosts (including myself at one point), you might remember having read about a “one million dollar guarantee.”

Yes, you think, Airbnb will insure me against one million dollars worth of damages, no matter what!

Or, maybe this “guarantee” is something your fellow host friends told you about to assuage your fears of renting out your place to strangers. You looked it up briefly and then carried forth, buoyed by the confidence of your host friends (and let’s be honest, by the cold hard cash they were making while on vacation in the Mediterranean).

And now… you’ve probably forgotten about it. Nothing’s gone wrong, or only minor things have, and you think you’re immune from suffering damages from guests.

Now, while I am a proponent of positive thinking and manifesting your reality… I’m here to give you a positive reality check today.

The “one-million dollar guarantee” is actually not an insurance policy. It does not mean you will receive up to a million dollars from Airbnb. And, you are actually protected way less than you think.

Okay, breathe. Now, I’ve found a solution for you.

The solution is called Slice. Read on for more!

The Power of Independent Vacation Rental: A Chat With Barry from Homes and Rooms

Homes and Rooms is a service that’s perfect for people who want to use (or are using) an independent website to present their homes, and for people who manage their properties on multiple platforms—or, an overlap of the two! And the founder, Barry, is a genuine guy. Read on and head over to their site using the links here for a 14-day trial of the service.

How to Find Your Ideal Houseturnover Assistant (Sneak Peek Into My New Book!)

Hi everyone! I’ve been super happy writing this book for you on finding, hiring, training, managing and keeping your super awesome houseturnover assistant.

Your success, freedom and profitability through Airbnb is directly affected by the quality of work your houseturnover assistant does.

Since I’m doing a promotion right now where the first 25 people who buy my book will get it for $8.99, I wanted to bullet-point just one of five hefty sections in the book so you know what you’re getting!

The Six Core Qualities Your Airbnb Turnover Assistant Must Have (Plus, An Announcement!)

Your success, freedom and profitability through Airbnb is directly affected by the quality of work your houseturnover person does.

If you’re ready to uplevel your hosting by hiring an awesome houseturnover assistant, you’re in luck! Because…

I’m writing an eBook that will show you the full-spectrum ins and outs of finding, training, hiring, managing and keeping your houseturnover assistant—with bonus tips on how to transition home, how to do a space clearing, and how to find additional assistance beyond your first assistant!

The 5 Most Valuable Websites and Resources for Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb now operates in 34,000 cities in 190 countries. And yet, the information market for helping Airbnb hosts is relatively slim.

There are only a handful of forums (often thinly populated) and websites (often thin on quality content) dedicated to showing people best practices for hosting that are heart-driven and focus on providing high-quality, intentional experiences.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of sites that meet five requirements:

1) they showcase original writing and advice that can’t be found elsewhere
2) they are inspirational, authentic or connection-based
3) they offer incredible value in their free resources/posts (whether or not they also sell a product)
4) they are sites dedicated exclusively to helping hosts, not one-off pieces on big websites
5) they aren’t the blog of a paid tool or app intended merely to drive traffic toward the product

If you’re looking for quality advice, these five resources merit your coffee-shop browsing time and meticulous note-taking.

How Automatic Pricing Can Boost Your Revenue: A Chat with Ian at Beyond Pricing

I have a special treat for you today! I spoke with Ian McHenry, the co-founder and president of Beyond Pricing, a neat tool that lets you use the kind of sophisticated technology that hotels and airlines use to automatically adjust your prices on Airbnb. This industry is still so nascent and growing so fast, and new tools like this are springing up left and right—I want to make sure that at The Abundant Host, we cover things like this to add more meaning and context to these tools so you can make the decision that’s right for you, your listing and your guests. I spoke with Ian to get a little more information about Beyond Pricing, and to hear his story of hosting and what it means to him. Read on for more!