The Airbnb Guests That Nearly Shut Down My Listing (And What I Learned About Myself From It)

This experience feels tender still, and as much as this puts me in a vulnerable position to share this, I figured it would be important to do so—to let you know that I’m not perfect, that these things happen, that it may happen to you, and even if it does—you’ll be okay.

Recently, there was a huge athletic event in my home city, and so I had been able to rent my one-bedroom out for double the usual cost.

I headed out to go camping in the mountains for the weekend with a friend, trusting as usual that these would be the kinds of guests I’ve always attracted—respectful, clean, communicative and generally good people.

I was wrong.

The Other Review: The #1 Simple Fix to Heighten Airbnb Ranking and Guest Interest

If you’re like most hosts, most of the time you do leave a guest a review. But—are you leaving guest reviews the right way? By adding 2-3 consistent words to each guest review, you can generate more traffic back to your listing, thereby increasing your search result standing within Airbnb and the likelihood that people will serendipitously find and book your place.