One of the most common errors I see people making when it comes to Airbnb hosting happens in a place that most hosts think doesn’t matter—the guest review.


If you’re like most hosts, most of the time you do leave a guest a review.

But—are you leaving guest reviews the right way?

By adding 2-3 consistent words to each guest review, you can generate more traffic back to your listing, thereby increasing your search result standing within Airbnb and the likelihood that people will serendipitously find and book your place.

Here is one of the simplest and best Airbnb hosting tips I’ve discovered:

When it’s time to rate your guest, include a couple of sentences like: “Gary and his son left my place in superb condition! They are welcome back to my downtown Portland sanctuary anytime.”


You’re not only increasing the likelihood that another traveler will click on your listing, you’re creating channels of serendipity.

For example, if Gary and his son request to stay somewhere in Texas in the next month, those hosts will look at Gary’s reviews. What if they are going to Portland soon? What if they’ve thought about going to Portland and wondered where might be a great place to stay?

Because you mentioned Portland in your review, they’ll click on you—thereby generating more clicks on your place—star your place as a favorite (ranking you higher in search results), and maybe even book with you in the future.

I’ve experienced this magic on both sides of the coin. When I host, I always check the guest’s reviews—and sometimes I see that he just stayed in a “San Diego downtown gem.” Well, I love San Diego! I then click on that host, view their listing, and down the rabbit hole I go.

At this point I’ve already contributed to more unique views on that host’s listing, but furthermore—if it’s a lovely place at a good price, I can Wish List it for later review when I head to San Diego next. And voila—that person’s place is Wish Listed (making them more desirable in the eyes of Airbnb) and potentially earned themselves a lovely (if I do say so myself ;)) future guest.

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