Get 5 Stars in Communication & Arrival—Even When You Never Meet Your Guests

If you travel a lot, use a lockbox for your guest’s entry/exit, or otherwise are not able to meet your guests in person—how do you create a connection with them?

How do you make sure they feel confident, safe and satisfied—satisfied enough to write you a raving review filled with 5-stars across the board (particularly in Communication and Arrival)?

In this post, I’ll show you some easy ways to do just that.

The Secret to Consistently Attracting Your Ideal Airbnb Guests

What if you were guaranteed to attract your ideal guest—someone just like you? Someone who respects your space, who respects your privacy, who enjoys and takes pleasure in your surroundings. Someone you might even be friends with. I’ve implemented the following strategies with a 100% success rate for over a year. Here are my best tips for attracting the kind of guests you want in your space.