Which Kind of Host Are You? Address Your Problem Areas to Get Five Stars in Every Category

You may have read a few blogs on hosting by now, and you may have noticed that a lot of hosting advice is geared toward the “general” host.

However, there are really three major categories that hosts fall into—and depending on which kind of host you are, you may need different resources, tools and advice to make the most of your hosting experience.

This article will help you:

– figure out what kind of host you are
– uncover your biggest challenges as that category of host
– highlight your potential problem areas on Airbnb (read: where you’re likely to lose stars!)
– arm yourself with strategies and solutions for rising above these challenges and problems

Ready? Let’s get into it!

Quick Time-Saving Airbnb Tip: The “Saved Messages” Feature

Often, Airbnb hosts have to type the same messages over and over again. As an Abundant Host, of course, you personalize each one… but there are some sentences we just can’t help but repeat.

Airbnb has a solution for this (in the phone app, at least), that not many people know about! Here, I’ll tell you how to use it and save yourself tons of time re-typing the same things (and you can even stop opening a different app like Notes or Evernote where you might already be copying and pasting your oft-sent messages).

Why Décor Matters in Your Airbnb: An Interview with Mercedes Brennan of 1 Chic Retreat

I’m so honored to bring you this exclusive interview with the wonderful Mercedes Brennan of 1 Chic Retreat. Mercedes helps vacation rental owners/hosts increase their bookings by using interior design strategies to make their home stand out from the crowd—plus, she’s a damn good writer, which we at The Abundant Host very much appreciate!