A Chat With the Folks From Xotelia, A Software Solution for Multiple-Listing Owners

At the Airbnb Open 2015 in Paris, I interviewed Jeffrey Messud, who founded Xotelia in 2012, and Eva Lejamtel, Xotelia’s marketing manager.

Xotelia is a complete and flexible channel manager that helps multiple-property owners manage their bookings all in one place, with custom solutions, increased exposure and maximized efficiency.

If you have more than three listings going on different websites (including Airbnb but also Expedia, FlipKey, HouseTrip or Booking.com), Xotelia might be your sweet spot!

Read on for more about them.

The Power of Independent Vacation Rental: A Chat With Barry from Homes and Rooms

Homes and Rooms is a service that’s perfect for people who want to use (or are using) an independent website to present their homes, and for people who manage their properties on multiple platforms—or, an overlap of the two! And the founder, Barry, is a genuine guy. Read on and head over to their site using the links here for a 14-day trial of the service.