I was going through some old journals today, and I thought it would be fun to post this little note I wrote to myself on the day I first had my professional Airbnb photos taken.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe there was a time before I hosted on Airbnb!

For some context, I want to share with you that this apartment was my very first one-bedroom by myself. I’d lived in a studio by myself from 2007-2009, before I moved to Europe for a year and then back to the U.S. again. And since I’ve always traveled a lot (and still do), after that I lived with roommates, then boyfriends, then with roommates again…

But, this space I was blessed with on Dec. 15, 2013—this was my sacred space.

So, here’s a little piece to let you into my world a little. I wrote this on Jan. 7, 2014.

Today, a professional photographer with Airbnb came over to shoot my new place. I’m not sure if he understood my meticulously sketched out vision of my “ideal guest” — someone who appreciates the artistic use of plants, atypical affirmation-oriented wall hangings (“Love Who You Are,” but also, “Ain’t No Saint,”) dry-erase inspiration boards, a chrome dancing pole, rose incense.

“People have different setups for these things,” he said nonchalantly.

I assumed by “these things” he meant other Airbnb listings, not my magnificent goddess cavern.

“A lot of the time, it’s just an extra place that no one lives in.”

“This is my baby,” I replied. “Ooh, did you get a picture of this wall over here? I love this wall!”

Ok. Maybe I’m a harmonizing freak who saged her place and sat on her pomegranate-red couch, just looking at everything, after he left. Maybe.

Or, maybe I’m just rediscovering what home is to me, and enjoying the awkward, creepy process along the way.

I’m silly. :)

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Flashback: How I Felt When I First Started Hosting on Airbnb
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