Get 5 Stars in Communication & Arrival—Even When You Never Meet Your Guests

If you travel a lot, use a lockbox for your guest’s entry/exit, or otherwise are not able to meet your guests in person—how do you create a connection with them?

How do you make sure they feel confident, safe and satisfied—satisfied enough to write you a raving review filled with 5-stars across the board (particularly in Communication and Arrival)?

In this post, I’ll show you some easy ways to do just that.

The 15 Crucial Things Not to Forget When You Live in the Home You Airbnb

If you live in your home and you’re leaving it up to you to do the cleaning and turnover before your guest arrives and before you head out of town (which you may decide to do whether or not you have a turnover assistant to help you when you’re not around, to save money or for other reasons), here are some things to remember.

How to Find Your Ideal Houseturnover Assistant (Sneak Peek Into My New Book!)

Hi everyone! I’ve been super happy writing this book for you on finding, hiring, training, managing and keeping your super awesome houseturnover assistant.

Your success, freedom and profitability through Airbnb is directly affected by the quality of work your houseturnover assistant does.

Since I’m doing a promotion right now where the first 25 people who buy my book will get it for $8.99, I wanted to bullet-point just one of five hefty sections in the book so you know what you’re getting!

The Six Core Qualities Your Airbnb Turnover Assistant Must Have (Plus, An Announcement!)

Your success, freedom and profitability through Airbnb is directly affected by the quality of work your houseturnover person does.

If you’re ready to uplevel your hosting by hiring an awesome houseturnover assistant, you’re in luck! Because…

I’m writing an eBook that will show you the full-spectrum ins and outs of finding, training, hiring, managing and keeping your houseturnover assistant—with bonus tips on how to transition home, how to do a space clearing, and how to find additional assistance beyond your first assistant!

Quick Time-Saving Airbnb Tip: The “Saved Messages” Feature

Often, Airbnb hosts have to type the same messages over and over again. As an Abundant Host, of course, you personalize each one… but there are some sentences we just can’t help but repeat.

Airbnb has a solution for this (in the phone app, at least), that not many people know about! Here, I’ll tell you how to use it and save yourself tons of time re-typing the same things (and you can even stop opening a different app like Notes or Evernote where you might already be copying and pasting your oft-sent messages).

The 5 Most Valuable Websites and Resources for Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb now operates in 34,000 cities in 190 countries. And yet, the information market for helping Airbnb hosts is relatively slim.

There are only a handful of forums (often thinly populated) and websites (often thin on quality content) dedicated to showing people best practices for hosting that are heart-driven and focus on providing high-quality, intentional experiences.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of sites that meet five requirements:

1) they showcase original writing and advice that can’t be found elsewhere
2) they are inspirational, authentic or connection-based
3) they offer incredible value in their free resources/posts (whether or not they also sell a product)
4) they are sites dedicated exclusively to helping hosts, not one-off pieces on big websites
5) they aren’t the blog of a paid tool or app intended merely to drive traffic toward the product

If you’re looking for quality advice, these five resources merit your coffee-shop browsing time and meticulous note-taking.

The Secret to Consistently Attracting Your Ideal Airbnb Guests

What if you were guaranteed to attract your ideal guest—someone just like you? Someone who respects your space, who respects your privacy, who enjoys and takes pleasure in your surroundings. Someone you might even be friends with. I’ve implemented the following strategies with a 100% success rate for over a year. Here are my best tips for attracting the kind of guests you want in your space.